03-15-16 Event: Live Streaming with RJ Redden

Live Streaming: Worth It, or Waste of Time? Join us March 15th for an informative luncheon featuring RJ Redden, a Technolgoy Coach. RJ Redden has been a teacher all her life. It began in the first grade, teaching kindergartners how to skate during a school field trip. She started helping small business owners with technology […]

Strictly Business Non-profit News

Heartland Women’s Network Partners With Restored Hope in 2016 Heartland Women’s Network and Restored Hope are featured in Strictly Business Non-profit News (Feb. 1, 2016) Heartland Women’s Network (HWN) has announced their partnership with Restored Hope for 2016. HWN is comprised of women from all walks of life – including business professionals, business owners, primary caregivers […]