Tuesday, March 16th  |  11:30 am  |  via Zoom

Ms. Julie Sigmon, Director at Omaha STEM Ecosystem


Julie Sigmon has experience in the education, non-profit and business fields for over 40 years.  She is currently serving as the Director for the Omaha STEM Ecosystem, a backbone organization in support of a collective impact initiative to grow the number of STEM professionals to create a balance between industry demand and available talent.


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Tuesday, April 20th  |  11:30 am  |  via Zoom

Ms. Tracey Wanek, Program Supervisor at Creighton University Financial Hope Collaborative


The Financial Hope Collaborative (FHC) at Creighton University identifies economic barriers for low and moderate income households, creates replicable solutions, and collaborates with community partners to implement these solutions.  FHC identifies best practices in programs and policies and adapts them to the local community to facilitate access to the financial mainstream for all.


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Tuesday, May 18th  |  11:30 am  |  via Zoom

Ms. Sharon Robino-West, Community Employment Coordinator at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Sharon Robino-West is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and the mother of a combat veteran. She was featured in the NET segment “The Warrior’s Pen” in 2015 discussing the importance of writing and the Veteran experience, and published a creative nonfiction piece called “I Honor You” in “As You Were: Volume II, a publication of Military Experience and the Arts”. Her piece “Into the Unknown” was read in performance by Alfre Woodard at the 2016 Gala for the Writers Guild Initiative of America East in New York City, where she was also a keynote speaker at the event. She was a featured speaker at UNO in a segment of “The Vietnam War: Lessons and Legacies Symposium” during a segment called “Healing the Veteran: The Veteran Writer”. She performed a TedXOmaha talk called “Healing the Unspeakable” in 2017, and most recently published several pieces in the Nebraska Warrior Writers Anthology published in November of 2020.


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Wendy Townley, Executive Director, Omaha Public Library Foundation

During her presentation, Wendy discussed what the library experienced during the 2020 pandemic, how it adapted to serve library patrons while libraries were closed, and what’s in store for 2021. Ms. Townley has served as executive director of the Omaha Public Library Foundation since 2014. The library foundation raises funds and advocates for Omaha Public Library – its 12 branches, programs and services, materials, and more.

Ms. Alisa Parmer, Mental Health Therapist, kicked off our season with her signature talk, “What Self Care Looks Like in 2021!”

Alisa Parmer is a Full-time Mental Health Therapist with Heartland Family Services in the community working with family and children in crisis and owner of Legendary Profession Maker, LLC. a small business consulting company that works to grow small businesses and their employees to meet legendary goals.

An advocate for equality in education, mental health services, and women in leadership with an objective to lead, mentor, and create a community of women that embraces the goal of excellence through education, continued professional development, balanced mental health, and realistic career planning.






























Saving Grace relies heavily on financial donations as they make such a huge difference in feeding the hungry and reducing the amount of food waste in our communities.

To learn more, click here: Saving Grace Food Rescue – Financial Donations