Hope Crago - AuthorStaying Safe in Society through Decision Making

About the Speaker – Hope Crago, Author

Hope Crago developed her love of writing while engaged in her high school’s newspaper staff. In 2008, Hope moved off to Nashville, Tennessee alone and enrolled in her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and started working at Nashville Science Center as an Educator. During this time, Hope developed a new love for educating people of all ages.

In 2010, Hope moved to Omaha, Nebraska and obtained a job working as a Loss Prevention agent apprehending shoplifters and preventing loss within the company. During this time, Hope saw a need for education on numerous different topics including on how to stay safe in society for it seemed she was dealing with safety issues amongst the public as much as she was apprehending shoplifters. Shortly after Hope’s graduation in June of 2011 she came up with the idea for Life Saving Tips and finally put the idea on paper two years later in September 2013 in which “Life Saving Tips” was released in October 2013, followed shortly by “Rash Decision Making” in February of 2014.

Currently Hope is full-time author of four books related to decision making. Hope travels around the nation talking about different aspects of decision making while promoting her books. In her spare time, Hope enjoys doing crafts and traveling to historical sites around the nation.

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