Building a Brand Called YOU!

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Nike, Target, Beyoncé…do you recognize these brands? What is your personal brand? What do people think or say when they hear your name? What characteristics do you bring to your business relationships? The answer to these questions has everything to do with your personal brand which is all about who you are and what you have been known for.

Cara Kirsch is a Vice President in the Employee Benefits division at SilverStone Group. In this role, Cara has responsibility for building relationships with employer groups and consulting them on their employee benefit strategies. For the past 20 years, Cara has worked to develop her personal brand and network and will share specific strategies that can be used in Building a Brand Called YOU. 

Building a BrandAbout the Speaker

Cara is a motivated and dynamic senior sales executive offering 20 years of expertise in all facets of sales and account management, business development, client relationship development and project management. Her proven ability to develop strategic alliances, motivate high performing sales teams and execute organizational marketing initiatives is an asset to SilverStone Group. In her role as Vice President of the Group division, Cara focuses on new business sales and building relationships with clients and prospects.

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