It’s Time to Demand your Joy!

Speaker: Meg Davies

Meg Davies, Demanding JoyYou have worked so hard to achieve success in your education and career.  You take care of so much for so many.  That’s great!  Do you want more?  Are you really, really happy?  In this inspiring session, we will discuss the importance of befriending yourself to nourish your own mind, body, and spirit so that you can have the amazing, joyful, abundant life you deserve.

Meg Davies Bio

Meg Davies is an author, wellness coach, licensed Heal Your Life workshop teacher, and founder of Demanding Joy.  After earning an MBA and having a 15-year career in commercial banking, Meg decided that she wanted more than a corporate career had to offer.  She took a leap of faith, changed industries, and launched her own company. Today, she helps other women who do too much or are feeling depleted to find their voices, nourish themselves in mind, body, and spirit, and live their own happiest, healthiest, most abundant lives.

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