08-15-17 Event: Wrestling Adversity – Kolton Kersten

Wrestling Adversity Please join us for the inspiring story of Kolton Kersten and his journey of wrestling through adversity, the sweetness of success and carrying on. Speaker: Kolton Kersten Kolton Kersten is a survivor of bacterial meningitis who had less than a 10% chance to live. He lived through what is known as a medical […]

07-18-17 Event: Staying Safe Online – Shonna Dorsey

Staying Safe Online: Tips for Brand Building Professionals Please join us for this informative luncheon where you can learn: The importance of managing your social media presence even at a young age Digital privacy and ways to maintain it Examples of social engineering and ways to combat it About Our Speaker: Shonna Dorsey Shonna Dorsey is […]

06-20-17 Event: Conflict In the Workplace – Beverly Cavanaugh

Conflict In the Workplace: Not Again! Conflict is everywhere, unfortunately. Please join us for this informative luncheon where you can learn: Conflict situations (What it can do to you) What can you do? What if it doesn’t stop? (Take care of you!) Go get ’em! About Our Speaker: Beverly Cavanaugh Beverly Cavanaugh is a professional […]

05-16-17 Event: The Hope Center for Kids – Jason McGee & Terri Fallin

Getting to Know the Hope Center for Kids We are pleased to offer you with the opportunity to learn more about HWN‘s 2017 non-profit partner: The Hope Center for Kids!  The Center provides a safe after-school and summer program where children and youth can take part in academic support, youth development, employment training and receive […]

04-18-17 Event: Planning & Saving for College – Joanna Swanson & Amelis Long

Planning & Saving for College: Know Your Options What You Will Learn: An overview of 529 college savings plans FASFA and a 529 Details about the Nebraska College Savings Plan How to enroll  and maintain a  NEST 529 plan Speakers: Joanna Swanson & Amelis Long Joanna joined First National Bank in 2007.  She heads up […]

03-21-17 Event: How to Win On The Playing Field of Life – Kris Thaller

How to Win On The Playing Field Of Life They say “Life is a Journey” but do you ever feel like it’s more a race?  This lighthearted talk will give you easy to use tools you can use immediately to make things happen that are truly important to you without running yourself ragged and driving […]

02-21-17 Event – Craft Your Pitch: Jill Slupe

Craft Your Pitch Like it or not, we are all in sales.   Every day we pitch to our bosses, employees, customers, and even our kids.  This fun workshop will walk you through how to pitch your business, yourself, and an idea.  You will leave with three new pitches, each with a clear and persuasive message. […]

01-17-17 Event – Be Your Own Hero: Jenn Locke

Be Your Own Hero: How to Manage Fear and Master Self-Confidence About the Speaker: Jenn Locke Jenn Locke is a writer, coach and physician assistant, who believes in healing the mind and body. She is a partner at Demanding Joy, a holistic wellness firm where she specializes in transformational coaching for women who are depleted, overwhelmed, […]

10-18-16 Event: Primal Defense, Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones: Shawn Whittington

Primal Defense, Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones Speaker: Shawn Whittington Join us October 18th! Shawn Whittington is a licensed Tactical Paramedic, and has been working professionally in the EMS/Fire industry since 1991. He has been a firearms and self-defense instructor for more than a decade were he has developed and taught his own curriculum. Shawn […]

09-20-16 Event: Expanding Your Business – Networking: Tonya Mathison

Expanding Your Business with Networking Speaker: Tonya Mathison Join us September 20th! Tonya Mathison will be speaking on expanding your business with networking: How to maximize your time through networking groups. Getting the most out of attending networking functions. Creating a personalized 10 second pitch. Public speaking. About the Speaker Tonya is the Managing Director for Principal […]