08-15-17 Event: Wrestling Adversity – Kolton Kersten

Wrestling Adversity Please join us for the inspiring story of Kolton Kersten and his journey of wrestling through adversity, the sweetness of success and carrying on. Speaker: Kolton Kersten Kolton Kersten is a survivor of bacterial meningitis who had less than a 10% chance to live. He lived through what is known as a medical […]

08-16-16 Event: Five Love Languages with Susan Corpuz

5 Love Languages Speaker: Susan Corpuz Join us August 16th! Susan Corpuz will introduce you to the Five Love Languages, teach you about the love tank and why it matters, identify ways to speak the languages, share the importance of the 5 languages in the work place and much more. Everyone deserves to be loved and to feel […]

08-18-15 Event: Chariots of Hope w/ Jason & Michelle Hurt

Chariots of Hope With Speakers Jason & Michelle Hurt The primary mission of Chariots4Hope is to provide automobiles to low income families and individuals who are currently in need of transportation. We are currently serving the greater Omaha areas including Council Bluffs. In order to receive one of our cars, you must be referred by […]