5 Love Languages

Susan Corpuz - 5 Love LanguagesSpeaker: Susan Corpuz

Join us August 16th!

Susan Corpuz will introduce you to the Five Love Languages, teach you about the love tank and why it matters, identify ways to speak the languages, share the importance of the 5 languages in the work place and much more.

Everyone deserves to be loved and to feel that love deeply.  By learning the love languages of those most important to you, you will know how to fill up their tank quickly and be able to keep it full.  You will also be aware of what  punctures the tank and how to avoid it.

About the Speaker

Susan and her husband, Dr. Ralph Corpuz, own Corpuz Family Dentistry.  He has been in practice since 1992.  Their goal at their office is to treat their patients like family.  Whether their patients need routine, restorative or cosmetic dentistry, their state of the art technology along side of Dr. Ralph’s steady hands, provide the highest quality of dental care.  Their patients feel as comfortable as possible with their complimentary spa services and relaxing atmosphere.

When not wearing her office manager and marketing hat, Susan enjoys speaking to various groups about the Five Love Languages.  She has spoken to over 900 wives, couples, teachers and business colleagues.  She has been on KVSS, 102.7, sharing her favorite topics as the Five Love Languages.  She graduated from Creighton in 1988 and received her masters in Counseling in 1992.

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